Our trading analysis

Main Features

Oil trading is our main business, we focus only in Oil Industries because of our perfect balance of traders, we have both fundamental analysis experts that has worked for several years as engineers in different recognized oil firms along with technical analysis traders, this enables our company to provide the best offered profit from our investments plans

Quick Payments

All withdrawal requests are automatically processed by our automated payment systems at the fastest pace, we strive excellence and constant improvement.


We are currently living in the ERA of Information, proctection security measures are enabled - Military Grade.


We know how to handle this market in all its trends whether is Bearish or Bullish, we been here for years and we know how to handle this market at every wave.

High Profit

cryptoclimited.com only focus our trading on opportunities where the profit margin allow us to cover our daily withdrawals. We do not wish to waste broker fees in low profit trades.

We love Crypto

Crypto allows us to expand our business and offer our services to our valued investors, we declare ourselves huge fans of cryptocurrency and its endless making money potential.

Good Place to Work

Our business is global and our people are as diverse as the world in which we work. We have many nationalities among our team, enabling diversity of thinking which translates into a greater understanding of our investors.

Company Plans

Two Levels Referral Commission

1st Level


Earn a modest 3% of your first line of direct referral deposits as commission, you are not required to have a deposit to participate.

2nd Level


The benefits of building your downline! Earn 2% of Referral Commission for the deposits of your second line of Referrals